The village of Doel has many nooks and crannies, empty parcels in between abandoned houses still standing, unused space which is left with no function. The festival grounds can be divided into two parts, each part housing two stages and with one path connecting the two large sections. Right next to that path, on such an empty parcel, we decided to create a dedicated seating area, a place in the lands between, where you can take a break, have conversations and do some people watching, as literally everyone will have to tread this road.

We invited two visual artists, Arnaud Eubelen and Bram Vanderbeke, whose work connects with Doel in terms of matter and shape, to install functional art pieces for you to sit on. The rough nature of their pieces, the near deteriorated look and the use of recycled materials make for the perfect fit in this environment. As if these pieces were always there.

Visit their websites if you’d like to see more of them and take a seat on their work at Doel Festival.

Arnaud Eubelen originates from Liege and his work entails the use of build materials and found objects, repurposed and ingeniously crafted together, to form his almost always functional artworks.

Bram Vanderbeke, based in Ghent, sees shape where it has not yet manifested, pouring concrete into benches and reforming interiors into abstract cities.

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Seating area