Doel is a mythical place which carries a tumultuous history and hosts uniquely preserved architecture, but most importantly Doel is not a ghost town. Doel is still inhabited. Although the population is very slim, they deserve your consideration. Past plans for the expansion of the Antwerp port and demolition of Doel have been abandoned and now Doel is ready to flourish again. We as an organisation are committed to creating awareness surrounding the unique history and value of Doel.

It is our privilige to be able to organise our festival in Doel, therefore we ask your respect for the town and its inhabitants.

Mutual care and respect

We are collectively responsible for creating an inclusive environment and culture, so that we can all enjoy the moment. Everyone is welcome at Doel Festival. As a festival, we believe we can bring people with different perspectives and backgrounds together, resulting in a more stimulating event, where diverse voices are represented. Embrace it and celebrate it, but don’t forget to be mindful of others and respect their personal space.

Consent culture

Consent is not just a word. It is your right. Nobody should be allowed to occupy a space, body or mind if it was not mutually agreed upon beforehand. If someone says no, it means no. What’s more, it goes beyond sex and applies to everyday interactions, even if it seems as harmless as sharing a photo on social media. It should be voluntary, enthusiastic, verbal, non-coerced and continuous. There is absolutely no shame in asking.

Green policy

We work tirelessly to ensure our festival can take place in our beautiful location. The only way we can keep it that way is with your cooperation. Please consider the environment when enjoying the festival.

Cost Transparency

Our vision for Doel Festival is to build further on what is already present. Doel is a special place and we want to amplify its magical and strange atmosphere, without imposing.

This calls for a strong artistic view and it is our belief that this is what makes a great festival experience. We’d like to elaborate on the price of a ticket, as costs of labour, materials and rental keep rising both globally and locally, and with each passing year.

Doel village has a characteristic and unique environment, but is very small in terms of acreage and therefore has limited capacity, which in relation makes production more expensive.

We do not receive any grants whatsoever and keenly select only sponsorships and partners we actually see fit for Doel Festival’s specific nature. This is why we need to uphold our current ticket price.

Doel has been, and still is, wrongly named as a “ghost town”. The result is the ongoing vandalisation of houses and the stealing of everything that is not bolted down. Doel is still in a precarious situation and therefore we have to maximize our security in the days before the festival, while building up, and during the festival itself. This is a sad truth and is also the reason why we continuously communicate that Doel is not a ghost town, that it is in fact still inhabited and most likely will grow in population in the coming years.
Our first edition passed flawlessly and without any incident, but that doesn’t mean we can reduce precautions.

Lastly, Doel Festival has a symbiotic relationship with the village. We work together with local entrepreneurs and support the current inhabitants and redevelopment of Doel by donating a percentage of each purchased ticket into a support fund, specifically set up for that purpose. This means that you buying a ticket, has a direct impact on the village’s future.